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How do I make my list more fun?
How do I make my list more fun?

Upping the dopamine and having more fun can help increase motivation and focus!

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It's true, to-do lists can be soooo boring!

That's why we set off on a mission to make to-do lists more fun to help you focus and actually, work through your list and get things done!

Making your list fun, upping the dopamine, helps us work through our tasks as inadequate dopamine can decrease motivation and focus.

Some features to help you increase dopamine and have more fun whilst you work through your list includes:

Instantly add an Emoji Me theme to all your tasks.

Select a fun color theme to your lists.

After some fun animation whilst we shuffle your tasks, let us select your next task for you.


Sometimes, a change is as good as a holiday, and adding variety into your day can really help the mundane be more fun. Our community strongly recommends playing around with Settings to see what works for you, as you may need something different each day.

Some further suggestions:


Is our way of gently nudging you back to the task at hand when you may have become distracted. Depending on your focus levels today, change how frequently they play in Settings

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