YouTube and Loomly Overview

Learn more about Loomly's integration with YouTube

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Take a look at our quick video tutorial on how to use Youtube to promote your business:

In this article, we'll also review:

1. How to connect your YouTube account

Before connecting your YouTube channel to Loomly, please ensure you are either an Owner or a Manager.

To connect your YouTube channel to Loomly:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page, and connect your YouTube channel by clicking on the green Connect button for YouTube:

📝 Note:

Loomly was created on a calendar basis. In each calendar, you can connect one account per social media platform.

So if you need to connect two YouTube channels, you will have to create two calendars. You can also easily create a post that will be cloned on multiple calendars. You will also be able to access all posts from All Calendars.

2. YouTube media upload types and size limits




.mp4, .mov


<30MB and shorter than 2 minutes


200MB and 5 minutes

< 2 MB for thumbnails


.mp4, .mov

< 60 seconds

Aspect ratio: square (1:1) or vertical video where height is greater than width

Recommended aspect ratio: 9:16

📝 Note:

  • You can view the dimensions and sizes of each media you uploaded to the Library.

  • You can also make last minute video edits using Loomly Studio.

3. YouTube Features

📝 Note:

  • Videos that are less than 60 seconds and in a square or vertical format will automatically be published as a YouTube Short.

A. How to schedule YouTube videos

  • Go to Post Builder and select YouTube as a channel

  • Create your post as usual by defining the generic content and adding a video.

  • Go to Fine-Tune Each Channel for YouTube to optimize your video with a title and Advanced Settings.

  • Show Advanced Settings to add tags to your video.
    In Settings, you can also change the license type, mark whether the video is meant for kids, and select if you want to allow embedding or notify your subscribers.

  • For full videos (not shorts), you can add a video thumbnail either in the generic or fine-tuning panel

  • Save your post to preview, approve & schedule your post from the Post View:

Once your video has been successfully published on YouTube, you can access it through a link in the Post View!

B. How to create chapters

You can create chapters by adding timestamps in your Video Description so viewers can easily navigate the video.

  1. Go to the fine-tuning panel for YouTube, or generic content panel if you're only publishing to YouTube

  2. In your description, add a timestamp, add a space, then add a title for a chapter

  3. Add at least two more timestamps and titles

📝 Note:

  • The first timestamp must start with 0:00

  • You must have at least 3 timestamps and titles

  • Each chapter must be at least 10 seconds long

C. How to create a YouTube Short

YouTube will automatically publish your video as a Short if your video satisfies the following two criteria:

  • Less than 60 seconds

  • Square which is a 1:1 aspect ratio where the height of the video is equal to the width OR vertical video where the height of the video is greater than the width of the video with a recommended aspect ratio of 9:16.

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