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Empowering marketers with our next-generation Post Builder

Meet the updated Loomly Post Builder that was streamlined to make your workflow even faster.

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Loomly’s newly revamped Post Builder: built to be even more time-saving, effective, and powerful.

With this new release, we’ve taken extra steps to support your social media content planning workflow and to boost the productivity of you and your team with:

1. Fewer steps for smoother campaign management

  • 6 steps whittled down to 2 panels with all the same fine-tuning customization features still available

  • Audience Targeting and Post Sponsoring is now at the fine-tuning level for any available channels

2. Additional granular control for drafting posts

  • Keeping Post Ideas collapsed by default so they don't interrupt your content creation flow.

  • Update the Post state in the first or second step with all options available in the sticky footer such as:

    • Save Progress to save as you are creating and editing your content

    • Save as Draft to save and leave to Post View where you can assign collaborators and leave comments

    • Submit for Approval

    • Schedule

    • Publish Now

  • Advanced capabilities for clearing fine-tuning options in the first step including:

    • Clear all date fine-tuning

    • Clear all copy fine-tuning

    • Clear all media fine-tuning

  • Add alt text to images and video cover images/thumbnails to your base content that will then be applied to all supported channels - this is a handy time-saver since you won't need to manually update these settings for each channel in the fine-tuning step

    • 💡Tip: You can choose a cover image/thumbnail from a video frame or upload a custom cover image for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and full length YouTube videos

3. A more intuitive design that surfaces powerful tools to streamline your workflow

  • Clone Post to more Calendars is clearly visible if you need to duplicate content to multiple calendars for speedy publishing

  • Crop, resize, trim, and make other edits to your media files so they fit to social media platforms with a new Loomly Studio that allows editing both images and videos

  • 📝 Note: Preset crop shapes can be found on the top right of the Crop section

  • Reorder and customize visual assets with our redesigned media attachment modal

    • 💡Tip: Easily drag and drop the attachments by holding the three horizontal lines to reorder them

4. Improved guidance to reduce second guessing and to quickly resolve issues if they come up

  • Alerts and error messages have been updated to be more clear and actionable

  • The Scheduled Date and Time is visible in the footer on the bottom left at all times

    • 💡Tip: If you have fine-tuned the publishing date and time of any channel, you'll see a change to "Publishing on Multiple Dates and Times"

      • Hover on this message to see each channel's publishing details

    • 💡Tip: the Calendar View still defaults to grouping fine-tuned posts together. If you would like to see each post on their actual publishing date, please ungroup the posts on your Calendar

If you'd like a few more tips and tricks for all the ways Loomly can help you maximize your reach and impact on social media, check out our blog!

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please contact us at or by starting a chat.

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