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How do I log a ride in the app?
How do I log a ride in the app?
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Welcome to the Love to Ride app guide on logging your rides. Whether you’re a daily commuter, weekend warrior, or just enjoy the occasional spin, we’ve got you covered with three easy ways to track your rides. Let’s dive in! 📱

Automatically log your rides

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually logging your rides! With our automatic logging feature, the app works its magic in the background to detect when you're biking. No need to lift a finger – just ride, and let the app do the rest. How cool is that?! 😎

What are the benefits of auto logging?

  • Never Miss a Ride: Automatic logging captures all your rides, even the short ones to the store or work.

  • Help Your Community: Your anonymous ride data helps local authority partners and bike advocacy groups improve cycling infrastructure.

  • Win Prizes: Automatically enter prize drawings and earn points during Love to Ride challenges with zero effort. 🎁

How do I turn on automatic logging?

  1. Head to the 'More' tab or click the reminder in the 'Rides' tab.

  2. Follow the app’s prompts to enable automatic logging.

Screenshot from the new Love to Ride mobile app for iphone displaying a reminder to turn on automatic ride logging

3. That’s it! The app will now log your rides in the background.

Use our start/stop feature

Prefer a bit more control? Our start/stop feature is perfect for you!

  1. Tap the '+' sign in the top right of your Rides tab.

  2. Ready to ride? Tap 'Start a ride' and pedal away! 🚴‍♀️

3. At the end of your ride, tap 'Stop ride'. You can also pause and resume your ride as needed.

4. Check your profile and heatmap to see your ride appear.

5. Bonus: Rate your route to help us improve. Find out more here.


If you prefer to log rides manually, we’ve made it super simple.

If automatic logging is On:

  1. Go to the main Rides tab.

  2. Find the 'X Other Trips' section and tap 'View All'.

App - 1 Other Trip screenshot

3. On the 'All Trips' screen, tap the '+' icon in the upper right corner.

App All Trips screen with arrow indicating plus icon

4. Enter your ride details and you’re done!

Manually log ride screen in app

If automatic logging is off:

  1. Tap 'Record a Ride' on the main Rides tab.

  2. Enter your ride details and save.

Auto logging off screen with arrow indicating record a ride button

Still missing the answer you need?

Contact and we will do our very best to help you with your issue. 😊

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