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How do I manually add participants?
How do I manually add participants?

Add participants at any time during your season with the Manual Entry feature.

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Manually adding participants is one of the three ways you can add participants to your account.

You must have at least one class first to be able to manually add participants.

Manually Add:

  1. Select the Participants tab.

  2. Click Manual Entry to add a new participant to your roster.

  3. Add the student’s name, gender, grade, and class name.

    1. Optional: student ID and parent information.

  4. Click Save.

Use the Add More button to add more than one student at a time.

*Note if you are with Austin, Corpus Christi, Midland, or Beaverton School Districts you can not add, edit, or delete participants from your roster or edit their personal information because of the tech partnership. The files will update automatically for you.

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