A track is defined as a lap or route your runners complete. Customize your tracks and create as many as you'd like.

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What is a Track?

A track is defined as a lap or route your runners complete.

You can scan the runner ID card for every lap a runner completes or scan once for the total distance the runner completes (Ex. 1-mile run).

You must customize and set the lap distance of your track(s).

Things to know about Tracks

  • Tracks help you create "programs" within your season; for example, if you plan to have a before-school running club and use the program during PE.

    • You would create a Run Club track and a PE track to track mileage for each program.

      • Although you are using different names for your tracks the space could be the same actual track and distance.

      • Collect all effort for that program by that track when scanning ID cards or manually adding effort.

      • Then pull a report by that track to see mileage totals for that program.

  • You do not need to create a new track every time you run.

  • Tracks can be edited, archived, or deleted.

  • You can pull a report by a track(s).

Calculating the lap distance.

There are three ways below to help you calculate the lap distance.

The number of laps.

  • If you know how many laps it takes to equal a mile then you can take the number 1 divided by the number of laps to get your lap distance.

    • For example:

      • 1 mile / 5 laps = .20 lap distance

      • 1 mile / 4 laps = .25 lap distance

      • 1 mile / 10 laps = .10 lap distance

Steps per mile

  • On average, we know it takes around 2,000 steps to equal a mile. How many steps does it take you to walk one lap? Use this formula:

    • 2,000 / # of steps = # of laps it takes to equal one mile

      • Then 1.0 / # of laps = lap distance

      • For example:

        • If it took 650 steps to complete one lap.

          • 2000 / 650 = 3.08 laps it takes to equal a mile

        • Then 1 mile / 3.08 = .33 lap distance

Measure one lap

  • You can measure one lap by walking one time yourself using a measuring wheel or a device with GPS to give you the lap distance.

What are the default and enable buttons used for?


This makes this track or activity appear first in the mobile scanner app. You can only have one default track or activity turned on at a time.

Makes the track or activity show up on the mobile scanner app and when you manually add miles.

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