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Learning the different types of Parent Statuses
Learning the different types of Parent Statuses

The parent table tells you the status of the parent account.

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Parents will have different statuses depending on the action you've taken to invite them through the platform or actions the parent has taken.


The parent received the email invitation and has created their account.

This parent can now view their child's progress and submit miles to the coach.


The email invitation was sent but no action was taken by the parent.

  • You can resend the invitation at any time.

    • Click the checkbox next to their name

    • Select the Send Invitation button.


The parent has completed the recruitment form to enroll their child. The coach needs to take action to add, match, or decline this runner.


The parent rejected the pop-up to accept their child from their parent account.

  • Please email the parent to learn more

  • Then resend the parent invite if needed.


The coach declines to add the runner to their club when a parent enrolls their child through the recruitment form.

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