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How to scan ID cards (QR Codes)
How to scan ID cards (QR Codes)

Starting a live scanning session allows you to track participants laps, minutes and miles.

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Starting a Live Scanning session is easy to do!

First, download the Marathon Kids Connect App from your device's App Store to all devices that will be used during your running club season.

Video Instructions on How to Scan ID Cards:

Written Instructions on How to Scan ID Cards:

1. Log in

  • Enter the Username and Password you used to create this account online.

  • Click Login

2. Select Your Club

  • Select the club that is connected to your Participant ID cards.

  • Click Run

3. Select your Track or Activity

  • Click the blue RUN button next to the track or activity you want to scan for.

4. Start Live Scanning

Click the blue Start Live Scanning button.

5. Scan Participant ID Cards

Participants' names, laps, and distance will start to populate.

6. Stop Live Scanning

When you are done scanning for your session:

Click the red Stop Live Scanning button.

7. Finish and Sync

Select the blue Finish and Sync button.

8. Sync Completed

Wait for the green check mark, Sync Completed.

What if the scans fail to sync?

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