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Here's a list of the most frequently asked parent questions and answers.

If you don't find your question, please message the Marathon Kids Team.

The scanner app says I don't have coach permission. Can I log miles from my phone?

The scanner app is only for coaches of the program to scan ID cards when participants are in-person conquering laps, minutes, and miles.

Parents do not have access to the scanner app. To log miles from your phone, use a web browser to visit to log into your account.

Then click the Log Miles tile to submit mileage to the coach.

For the best view of your Parent account, log in on an iPad, laptop, or desktop.

What if my child's name is spelled wrong?

Please reach out to your coach. The coach can correct the spelling of the name in their coach account which will also reflect the correction in your parent account.

I filled out the form the coach shared to enroll my child in the club. Why does it say pending next to my child's name?

Once the coach officially rosters your child into their club, the pending status will be removed.

Then you will have full access to see your child's progress and submit miles to the coach.

I am missing a child in my parent account. How do I get access to multiple kids?

Reach out to your coach.

  • The coach can verify that the same email was used for all kids and resend the invite for the missing child.

  • Once they resend the invite or edit the parent email for the missing child in your parent account you will see a pop-up asking you to accept the role as the parent of your additional child.

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