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End of Season Checklist
End of Season Checklist

It's essential to go through the checklist prior to the end of your season.

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As you conclude another Marathon Kids season, we want to extend our gratitude for your participation.


Please complete the following list before your end date to avoid losing your data from this season.

  1. Finalize Miles

    1. Resubmit Scans.

      1. Check the Log History of the Scanner App so you can resubmit any scans to have an accurate account of this season's mileage.

    2. Log out of the Scanner App and swipe the app closed on all devices.

    3. Approve Parent Submissions

      1. If you have parents submitting miles through the platform, approve all miles to have an accurate account for this season's total miles.

  2. Reward and Celebrate Participants

    How you reward and celebrate your participants and club is up to you, but here are a few suggestions.

    1. Pull an Achievement Report to see who reached each milestone to give final rewards.

    2. Print the Year-to-Date Mileage Certificates for each participant.

      1. Or print our Mileage Milestone Certificates to reward participants.

    3. Hold a fun final run to mark the end of the season.

    4. Announce the club highlights and achievements via school announcements, assemblies, newsletters, social media, etc.

  3. Season Data

    Once your season closes, you will be able to view the past season data on the Impact Dashboard, and you can pull a report from the past season.

    It's a good idea, before your season closes, to download or print reports to keep a record of this data; choose from seven reports.

  4. ID Cards

    ID cards are not reusable across seasons. Next season, you must print new ID cards.

    1. If participants' ID cards have stickers, allow them to keep the cards as souvenirs.

    2. If your ID cards are blank, you can throw them away.

  5. Survey

    Help keep the program FREE, complete the quick End of Season Survey

Thank you for all that you do! We look forward to running with you next season!

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