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In the Classroom

Classroom teachers can provide additional minutes of physical activity to kids' day.

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Getting kids moving during academic time provides time for kids to reset to focus on learning. Classroom teachers play a key role in a child's day.

With Marathon Kids, classroom teachers can:

  • Be the "Coach" of Marathon Kids with their class and start the club for the school.

    • They have the option to invite other teachers as Supporters with Coach permission to use the program with their classes.

  • Be added as a Supporter with Coach permission by the person who oversees the club so they can use Marathon Kids during class time.

    • The program allows for multiple implementation styles within one season;

      • For example, the PE teacher starts the program during PE but a few classroom teachers want to take their kids out for a brain break during the day to get in a few laps!

Anyone that is a supporter with Coach permission can help scan ID cards for ALL participating students and/or manually add effort.

Key steps to success

  • Adding Participants

    • One key person per campus needs to roster all participating classes and students. Learn more here.

  • Add Supporters

    • Add co-workers who will help you manage the account, scan participant ID cards or manually add effort as a Supporter to your account.

      • They will receive an email invitation to create their account and then have access.

  • Print ID cards

  • Download the Marathon Kids Connect Scanner App

    • Anyone who will scan ID cards needs to download the app.

    • Parent volunteers can help scan ID cards without a Marathon Kids account. Learn how here.

  • Celebrate and Reward

  • Have Fun

    • Provide a positive environment.

    • Allow for self-paced movement so each individual can complete as many laps as they can during your session.

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