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Which expenses related to travels abroad are covered by the legal mobility budget?
Which expenses related to travels abroad are covered by the legal mobility budget?
As it is allowed in your mobility policy, most pillar 2 expenses abroad are covered by the legal mobility budget.
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Will you be spending some time abroad soon? Good news! You can use your legal mobility budget to cover your mobility expenses abroad ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ๏ธ

โœ… What's allowed?

Sustainable means of transportation abroad can be financed with your legal mobility budget. Take into account the restrictions below:

  • Verify with your mobility manager that there are no restrictions in your mobility policy

  • The purchase of single tickets and subscriptions for public transport is allowed for the employee and live-in family members for travels inside all member states of the EU, Norway, Island, and Liechtenstein

  • Tickets on public transport for others (friends, family)

  • Rental of a family car on holiday is allowed for a maximum of 30 calendar days a year

Some examples of what's allowed: Car rental -bike rental - scooter rental - ubers - (non-official) public transport subscriptions* - Train tickets** - Thalys tickets** - TGV tickets** - Flixbus tickets** - Bus tickets** - Waterbus tickets** - Intercitybus tickets** - Ferry tickets**

*If it is the employee or live-in family members

**If inside the EEA

๐Ÿšซ What's not allowed?

  • The purchase of airplane tickets cannot be financed with the mobility budget. That's not really eco-friendly.

  • Train rides outside the European Economic Area

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