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The Flex mobility budget explained
The Flex mobility budget explained
Perfect for employees who don't qualify for the Legal mobility budget
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What is the Flex mobility budget? ☝️

The Flex mobility budget gives mobility freedom to your employees. Give your employees a monthly budget they can spend on public transport, parking, electric steps, shared bikes... instead of limiting their options to only train for instance. The flex mobility budget differs from the legal mobility budget, which is tax-free but has strict conditions.

Some brilliant ways to use a Flex budget 🤩

☕ Include a budget as the mobility option in your cafeteria plan

🗓️Give a budget as an end-of-year bonus

🚗 Reward employees who didn't drive many kilometers

🚆 Give a monthly budget for commuting

⬇️Give a budget to employees who downgraded their car

Of course, we integrate it with your payroll for a correct fiscal declaration (eg: benefit in kind).

Who is the Flex mobility budget for? 🏢

It's the ideal alternative for companies that don't meet the strict conditions of the Legal mobility budget or who want to reward their employees with a sustainable perk.

What can I spend the Flex mobility budget on? 💸

Everything mobility related. Up to you if you limit certain expenses. For instance, you can decide not to approve parking expenses.

So how do I get started? ▶️

Just assign a Flex budget to your employees and send them an invitation to Mbrella. You might want to update your mobility policy as well.

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