How to create your pillar 3 cash-out

Some of your employees might have budget left at the end of the year. This left-over budget goes into the pillar 3 cash-out

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Employees who have not fully used their mobility budget at the end of the year, will receive this amount in pillar 3. How does this work exactly?

An expense 'Pillar 3 cash-out' is added for the remaining amount. You will see it appear in the overview of your employees' expenses.

What do you have to do?

  • Nothing! 🥳

We take care of this. At the end of the year, we create the cash-out for pillar 3. We do this mid-January, so your employees have some extra time to enter forgotten expenses from the past year.

Every year, we send out a reminder with the exact date on which this cash-out will be created.

All you have to do is send the cash-out expense to payroll at the end of the month like all the other expenses. The amount you see in this expense is before taxes. Pillar 3 is taxed at a special employee contribution of 38.07%.

💡 Tip: let your employees know in time that they need to add their final expenses before the cash-out date.

💡 Tip: let us know before the end of the year which employees will no longer be entitled to a mobility budget the following year.

❗️ Note: once the cash-out is created, employees can no longer add expenses to that year's budget. So let your employees know that they have to enter all their expenses before mid-January on a date in the past year.

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