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Mobility Budgets

The general principles and frequently asked questions about the Legal, Flex and Business mobility budget

Which type of mobility budget should I activate?A comparison between the legal, flex and business mobility budget
The Legal mobility budget explainedA quick summary of the Legal mobility budget
The Flex mobility budget explainedPerfect for employees who don't qualify for the Legal mobility budget
The Business mobility budget explainedReimburse your employees for work-related mobility expenses like parking
Is my company eligible to start with the Legal Mobility Budget ?
Adding a negative expense in case of reimbursement of exceeded budgetWhen an employee exceeds the mobility budget, you can claim it back by adding a negative expense
How are expenses approved?Your admin is in charge of approvals
What if the legal mobility budget is exceeded?In some situations, overconsumption of the mobility budget is possible. The employee will need to pay back the amount he overspent.
How to create your pillar 3 cash-outSome of your employees might have budget left at the end of the year. This left-over budget goes into the pillar 3 cash-out
How to manage the end of year pilar 3 cash outsThis article explains how HR managers have to manage the pilar 3 cash outs at the end of the year
What to do when the mobility budget of an employee needs to be ended, but they still have an ongoing subscription via Mbrella?
Adding costs related to a pillar 1 carAdd the lease, fuel, and other related costs to the environmentally friendly company car in Mbrella