Offboarding and cashing-out an employee

You can remove an employee from your mobility plan and create a pillar 3 expense

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Did an employee leave your company? Or will someone be leaving in the future? Then this employee needs to receive her leftover budget. This is called the pillar 3 expense, which is taxed at 38,07%.

👋 How to offboard an employee

1. Navigate to your Employees module in the sidebar

2. Find the employee you want to offboard and click on 'Offboard'

3. Enter the offboarding date. The employee's budget will be automatically capped pro-rata to the budget she has the right to. She will also become visible in the list of 'Offboardings. Read below how to do the pillar 3 cash-out.

💸 How to cash-out a leaving employee

Note: you cannot cash-out an offboarded employee before his/her offboarding date. An employee still has the right to consume mobility until that date.

1. Navigate to your Employees module in the sidebar. Click on 'Offboardings'

2. Find the employee you want to cash-out and review any last, pending expenses first

3. Click on 'Cash-out' once the expenses have been reviewed. This option only becomes available on the offboarding date

4. An expense with the leftover budget will be pre-filled. Save it and it will be automatically approved

See it in action here

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