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Exporting a Report for Training & Education Events

Export past events to a spreadsheet including all those who attended and other details about the event

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In this article we show you how to track and export attendance, survey and CPD data for your internal, individual CPD and accreditation reporting.

Types of reporting

  • Track attendance across multiple events as a group

  • Build individual reports for clinicians CPD

  • Show clinicians how they can export their own attendance data

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your education and training programs using our survey tool

Example of a report

The spreadsheet will include the Event details (e.g. name, time, place etc.), as well as details about who was invited, RSVP'd and who actually was marked as attending.

Viewing and exporting a group report

To monitor and export a group report follow the steps below:

  1. Open Events and locate the events group you wish to view

  2. Press the name of the group, in the below example SRMOs

  3. Press 'Download results' to export a CSV fike

See how to download reports from an Event/Group/Individual:

See how to download reports from the mobile app:

In just a couple clicks, users can export their record directly to provide to colleges or regulatory bodies.

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