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How to add Broadcast content

How to add Broadcast content so that it shows up in all accounts that are part of your Broadcast network

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Broadcast content is content that will show up in all of your accounts 'child' accounts. So for example you may have a statewide account, and want to broadcast to the individual hospital and district accounts in your state.

This lets you create content that is the same across all of those accounts and can be managed centrally (updated in one place), but remains accessible for all regardless of which account they are logged in to.
You can quickly add broadcast content by creating it directly in the broadcast tools section by following the instructions below (or by updating the settings of an existing heading see the article here).

  1. Go to the Broadcast tools section using the breadcrumb menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Click on Articles. Here you will only see the content that are at the broadcast level - there may be other content in your account, but this is material that is available for all the 'child' accounts.

  3. To create a new heading click add heading. Select the name and which child accounts to make it available to. Click save.

  4. If you check the notify users check box, then an update will appear in the content section of the updates feed on the mobile app.

  5. Then click add article to add a new article - and then choose whether to add rich text, PDF, Excel, video or decision tree.

  6. Once you have added you content you can click save. You can choose to notify users at this point as well.

  7. You will see the heading and article listed here with the 'managed by' label. This label will also apply to the update notifications and the content in the app.

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