Term changeover, handover notes or ROVERs. Irrespective of your naming convention they are a valuable tool to help a new rotation of clinicians get up to speed as quickly as possible, reduce anxiety and promotes a positive hospital culture.

The problems is getting clinicians to do it! This guide will show you how to send a push notification, reminding clinicians to make the update and providing an easy pathway to do it.

In the article below you'll find the following supporting documents:

  • Communication template to send via announcements

  • Mobile friendly 'how to guide' for clinicians

  • Handover template if you don't already have them on Med App

Step 1: Set up your mobile notification to prompt clinicians

Announcements are sent to a clinicians mobile device as a notification, reminding them to update their term changeover. Start by clicking below

Copy the below template into a new announcement

Announcement Name

Please update your end of term handover

Help your fellow clinicians feel less anxious about their upcoming rotation. Please review and update your term handover!

Click the links for info on:
• Updating Handovers in Med App
• Direct link to your Handover folder

Please follow the etiquette:
• Friendly but professional
• Keep it simple
• Facts, facts and more facts - what do you wish you knew!

Thank you :)

Step 2: Link to your handover folder to allow instant access

Make it as easy as possible for clinicians to make updates by adding a direct link to your handover folder.

How to add links

  1. Once you have filled out your announcement click 'Add content'

  2. Locate your handover folder and 'insert heading' as seen below

Step 3: Add the how to guide for clinicians

Visual cues reduce cognitive load and increase the chance that clinicians know how to make changes

  1. Click 'add content'

  2. Open 'A Guide to Med App' category and add the article 'Updating term handover documents'

Step 4: Schedule or send now!

Your announcement is ready to be sent and should appear like the below example. Finally select if you would like to send the message now or schedule for a later time/date.

Example of end of term announcement

Don't Have Term Handover on Med App Yet?

No problem! We have a couple templates you can download here to get you started:

How to use them?

  1. Download templates

  2. Get clinicians to fill them out

  3. Upload to Med App as a new article under the appropriate handover / Rover folder

Remember to make sure handover documents are editable

Make sure when you upload a handover article and save it you tick 'Requires admin approval' - This allows clinicians to make updates to the document through their mobile devices. Admin's will be notified when changes need approving.


💡If you want to look at more about how to use the in-app editing features, check out our other help articles here:

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