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On average we get 20 seconds of attention when reading any form of communication. Consider the context of a busy clinician, how are you going to create meaningful & impactful messaging that gets noticed?

We've reviewed top performing hospitals who have the highest clinical engagement to provide you with communication templates

Don't fall into the trap of only sending shift swap opportunities and creating another noisy channel of communication.

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End of term changeover

Did you know that the handover is the 2nd most searched term from our 22k clinicians on Med App?

When to send: 1 week Before term changeover

Links: Adding links to your handover folder increases the chance clinicians make changes by reducing the steps.

Announcement name: Term changeover update

Body (Copy and paste)

Help your fellow clinicians feel less anxious about their upcoming rotation. Please review and update your term handover!

Click the links for info on:
• Updating Handovers in Med App
• Direct link to your Handover folder

Please follow the etiquette:
• Friendly but professional
• Keep it simple
• Facts, facts and more facts - what do you wish you knew!

Thank you :)

Mask Fit Testing

When to send: On the day or scheduled

Links: n/a

Announcement name: Mask fit testing (day/date)

Body (Copy and paste)

Good morning :)

All clinicians who require fit testing if you cannot attend your upcoming fit test please call [Name] on [Number] asap so that clinicians waiting can attend.

If you want to be fit tested, please call to book.

Have a great day!

Submit Overtime Claims Today

When to send: End of pay period

Links: Overtime claim form

Announcement name: Submit Overtime Claims by (date)

Body (Copy and paste)

Good morning :)

We are approaching the end of a pay period. To ensure you are paid correctly, please enter all your entries in to [location] by the end of your shift today & signed by your supervisor. Click below to download the form.

Have a great day!

Digital Death Certificate policy changes (QLD)

When to send: When new policy is announced

Links: Registration link, BDM website

Announcement name: Policy change - Digital Death Certificate

Body (Copy and paste)

Complete death certificates from any computer rather than paper!
- Access to gov reporting will become mandatory soon as it is in Victoria
- Hospital admins will have access to documents uploaded
- You can correct in a 4 day window after lodging

Click the link to access/setup an account

Blood collection requests & delays

When to send: High patient numbers or low staff


Announcement name: Blood collection requests & delays

Body (Copy and paste)

We are facing high patient numbers and low pathology staffing causing delays on bloods
- Add '0600hr bloods/URGENT' that are clinically indicated to be early
- Reserve this for patients who need it most
- A high volume of 6am requests will likely cause delays

Thanks for being considerate,
Medical Services & pathology teams

New Roster Available

When to send: As soon as a new roster is available

Links: Direct to the roster file

Announcement name: Term X [Department name] Roster Available - First X weeks

Body (Copy and paste)

Please find below the first X weeks of the [Role] after hours roster starting on dd/mm/yy. 

Kind Regards
Medical Services Team

Improve clinical efficiency & reduce load on switch

When to send: When clinicians aren't making use of features

Links: Directory Quick Guide

Announcement name: Bypass switch - Call departments direct

Body (Copy and paste)

Don't wait for switchboard, use Med App call departments & services direct from your phone.

Click link below to find out how

Education team

Mentorship Program

When to send: Anytime

Links: Mentoring Program

Announcement name: Join the mentorship program (limited spots)

Body (Copy and paste)

The [Insert your hospital] Mentorship Program is now Live! Please follow the links to sign up and learn about the amazing benefits of having a work buddy!

Information can be found in 'Get Involved' or via the links below!

The Education team
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