The files section is commonly used as a place for an agency or creative team to add production material outside of the delivery plan or material specs.

You can add image files and documents under the Files section of Organization Settings or the Plan Files section of Plan Settings.

All creative materials uploaded to the Plan Files section of Plan Settings and/or the Delivery Plan will automatically be rolled up and made viewable in the Files section at the Organization level.

Within the files section, you can search for specific files by entering a name into the search bar.

All plans have a unique file folder that contains all files related to that plan. Click on any plan and then click on the Plan Files section on the left-hand side menu to view it.
Each uploaded file will have a unique track ID which allows for it to be downloaded within 7 days of initial upload. Simply enter files or plan files, find the desired file and click on it, on the right-hand side a menu will appear, enter file details then Download file.

You are also able to add important information about the file into the field description or start a conversation regarding the specific file.

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