Filters allow you to get quick insights into specific data without having to reconfigure a bunch of chart settings or account settings. This article will show you what filters can be used as well as where and how to use them.

What can I filter by?

  • Date range

  • Organization

  • Plan

  • Plan Status

  • Media type

  • Media vehicle

  • Tags

Where can I apply filters?

  • Media Overview and Plan Overview sections (Calendar view, Dashboard view, Sheet view, and Delivery plan)

  • Results section

  • Reports section

The date range filter is located at the top right corner of the Mediatool App, as pictured in the image below. Mediatool chart-building is unique in the fact that you don't need to specify a date range at the time of chart creation. After chart creation, you can simply alter the date ranges at will, and the data in your charts will change as well. Read more about how to bookmark views, here.


The funnel function is located at the upper-middle portion of the Mediatool App where it says Filter media data...

It allows you to filter by organization, plan, media type, media vehicle, and tag. You can select a single filter or combine filters.

Click on the funnel symbol to be provided with filter suggestions. Otherwise, type into the textbox in order to search the available options.


If you'd like to filter plans by Plan Status, you can do so either in the Calendar View or in the View All Plans sections. The following GIF shows you how to use both:

In addition, by filtering Plans by the Pending status in the View All Plans section, you will see a preview of who the approval is pending on. This can be a great way to get a quick overview of pending approvals and responsibilities!

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