Using Coupons Codes to Discount a Paid Product
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Offering a discount(s) on any products you are directly selling from within your MemberVault Site is very easy using our Coupon Codes feature under your product's payment options.

Here is the step-by-step on how to do it.

Edit the Product

Open the Product you wish to add the coupon to and locate the payment options area in the right-hand column.

In the lower right-hand corner find and click on "(add coupon)".

Add Coupon(s)

Each time you click the "(add coupon)" option, it will add a new row where you can add a coupon for that payment option.

Coupon names should be simple with no special characters or spaces (only letters & numbers, please).

Once you've noted the amount of the discount, you will need to set the 'Type' of discount which can either be 'Amount' or 'Percentage'.

If you select 'Amount' as the Type, that amount is relative to the currency you've noted for that payment option.
So in the example below, the first coupon code TAKE10 is discounting the one-time full price of $299 by $10. The second example is discounting the full price by 20%.

Scroll to the bottom of that section and click on Save.

πŸ’‘ Please note that at this time our Stripe/PayPal integrations do not allow you to apply a coupon code to recurring payments for the first month only. As an example, if you set a 50% coupon code on a recurring payment, this 50% discount will apply to all of those payments.

April 2024 update: we are actively working behind the scenes to allow you to add a coupon code on recurring payments for the first payment, then resume full price for the following payments!

UPDATE: Expiring Coupon Codes

As of March 2022, you are now able to set an expiration date for your coupon codes!

Please visit THIS ARTICLE for more information on how to setup expiring coupon codes.

If you enjoy video content, you can visit THIS BLOG POST for a walk-through video tutorial where you can follow along and setup some expiring coupon codes in your own MV account!

Managing Coupon Codes

To take a coupon code out of use, return to the payment option and click the red 'X' in the top right corner of the coupon code to delete it. When you delete a coupon code, it can no longer be used going forward.

There is no limit to how many coupon codes you can have set up for a product and every payment option for a product can have its own set of coupons.

If you want one coupon code to be applicable on ALL payment options within a given product, you will need to add that coupon code to each payment option.

Purchaser's Experience

We've worked hard to make the EASIEST coupon experience possible for your purchasers.

Whenever you have ANY coupons active, the payment form will automatically show a ' + Add coupon code' option.

Once clicked, this prompt will display a coupon code field where the person only needs to type in the code (in upper or lowercase) and as soon as they're done typing, the discount is applied and the total will be updated.

In the event your coupon makes the total of $0, the person will complete their purchase without having to go through PayPal/Stripe (a great for giving promo access to someone).

​Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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