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How to trigger actions based on coupon usage
How to trigger actions based on coupon usage
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As from Feb 2023, you can now trigger actions based on coupon usage!

Step 1: Create the coupon in the product's Sign Up Options Area.

Step 2: Once you have added the coupon, refresh the page.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Actions and click on Add Action

Step 4: Set up the Action

Under 'How' select the option with the coupon and then set up the rest of the action with what you want to happen when someone uses that coupon.

In the above example, everytime someone uses the coupon halfoff, I want them to get tagged HALFOFF COUPON and I want to receive a notification via email

Actions are very versatile so of course you can have a bunch of them in the same product depending on what you want to happen when a user accesses the product.

For example, if you want to add another tag to all the users who access the product regardless of whether they used a coupon or not, then you can simply add another action that triggers as soon as the product is accessed. See example below:

This means that even the users who bought using the coupon will get the PRODUCT1 tag

To add more actions, simply repeat Step 4 for as many actions as you need and you're all set.


If you have two different payment options with the same coupon, the action will trigger on both payment options. So, for example, if you put a coupon code "HALFOFF" for one price point, and "HALFOFF" for the second, the action will trigger for both payment options.

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