How Do I Set & Share Login Details with a New User?
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Great news! You don't have to. πŸ™‚

MemberVault takes care of that part for you and defaults the username & password to the user's email address.

When a user subscribes to or purchases one of your products directly in MemberVault, they will receive a simple confirmation message right within the platform that displays these login details.

Upon closing this message, they will be directed to the product they signed up for.

Even though the system shows these details to a user on the screen directly after opt-in or purchase, we still suggest sending them an email with their access details via your email service when they join your account as MV does not send any emails on your behalf.

For example, if you use ActiveCampaign, you could note something like the following:
​Here are your access details to my MemberVault area:
Login URL:
Username: %EMAIL%
Password: %EMAIL%

In ActiveCampaign, %EMAIL% is the merge tag used for populating a user's email address in the body of your email. If you use a different email service, make sure to use the correct Email Merge Tag/Field for your service.

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