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Integrating Your Email Tool With MemberVault
What Email Services does MemberVault Integrate with?
What Email Services does MemberVault Integrate with?

Learn how to connect your email tool with MemberVault

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What Email Services does MemberVault Integrate with?

Currently, MemberVault directly integrates with the following email services:

If you use one of the above email services, you can connect your account to MemberVault by going to Integrations > Email > Email Service Connection and adding in the required API details for your email service.

Doing so will allow MemberVault to update your email service when new users opt-in to or purchase your products.

It will also allow MemberVault to pass any engagement tracking tags that you've created in your Action settings.

If you use an email service that we do not integrate with, you can connect your email account to MemberVault using our Zapier App. This will allow you to update MemberVault whenever a new subscriber or purchaser joins one of your products through your MV Site.

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