How to Set Up a Hot Lead Action Trigger
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One of the most powerful elements of MemberVault is the ability to see and support your people with personalized reach outs, based on THEIR actions.

You can do this by sending a congratulations email or a showing a Celebration in your MV when people complete a product/module.

You can do this when people submit a quiz question by setting up a notification action for yourself or triggering an automated email in your email tool.

In the case of Hot Leads, we're going to focus on people that DON'T own or have access to a product. (This can be used on both free and paid products, but it's most effective to save it for your paid offers)

This is a super simple thing to set up for yourself.

Start by going to your MV Actions. You will find this section under the 'Users' Menu.

Scroll to the product you're working on and add an Action triggered by someone becoming a Hot Lead.

Select the number of views you would like to require for a Hot Lead to be activated.

Keep in mind that the number of views are counted in days.

If someone views your product 2 times in one day, it only counts as 1 view.

Then assign a Tag to the Hot Lead Action, and continue into your Email Service Provider to write a message that will automatically go out when the Tag is assigned.

What do you do with a Hot Lead?

When someone becomes a hot lead, the most commons choices are to "add a tag" which can trigger an automated email, or to send you a notification so you can reach out to them personally.

For the automated emails, think things like "hey, I noticed you checking out [product name], let me know if you have any questions!"

Send them a series of targeted emails around the benefits of that product, with the link to buy. Here are templates for a 3 email sequence you could set up for your hot leads (do NOT set it up for all of your products, as people often become hot leads for more than one offer during their decision phase).

For the personal message, you'd simply do a variation of the above automated email and make it easy for them to hit reply/book a call/answer some questions/etc. Here's a template you can tweak and use:


A little bird, aka my content platform, let me know you might be interested in [product name, linked to your MV product]. I created it to help people get from [struggle] to [desired outcome].

One of the biggest tips I have around that is -- [helpful actionable tip that will give them a taste of your genius]

I so appreciate you considering investing in [product name, linked to your MV product], and if you have any questions, just hit reply. I'm here to help!

Oh, and since you [are a new member of my audience, are an active member, etc], I also wanted to share a special [bonus/discount]. Just [how to use it, i.e. what's the code and where to enter] by [if there is an expiration].

Your sign off,
Your name"

The complete process, if you automate emails for your hot leads, goes like this:

  • The User views your product a few times

  • They become a "Hot Lead" after the set number of views

  • MV applies the Tag from your Hot Lead Action and sends it to your email service

  • Your email service delivers your automatic email(s)

  • The User sees the email, remembers how much they liked your Product, and they click in to explore the product and/or Teaser Module

  • They experience your super-valuable Teaser Lessons, Love it even more, and decide to Buy your Product.

That's what we're trying to create here for your User experience.

Example 2: Using Notifications

Here's the process that occurs when you use a Hot Lead Action to send yourself a Notification.

  • Your User views a Product several times and becomes a Hot Lead

  • MV sends you a Notification that you have a new Hot Lead, with their email address

  • You immediately send them a message with the goal of starting a conversation

  • Mention the Product, remind them of the Benefits they will experience, and ask them a Question about their interests

  • Give the Product Link (possibly with a little discount coupon code)

  • You follow up with whatever answer they supply, and build a relationship that leads to a Sale

In either case, Hot Leads are a fantastic way to provide responsive support to your people, so that they get individual attention at the exact moment they are most excited about your Products.

Give it a shot and see what happens!

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