How to Reward Users With a Certificate
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Providing your users with a certificate at the end of one of your products is a great way to recognize their efforts and achievement.

Pro Tip: Set your product to Progressive status and put your certificate in the last lesson of your product to ensure your members will only see this certificate once they have completed the rest of your product!

The easiest way to do this is to create a certificate image using a tool such as Canva. Once inside Canva, search for 'certificate' and look for a layout that you like.

Customize the certificate to suit your needs and then download the image file to your computer.

In MemberVault, open the final lesson of your product or create a new final lesson specifically for delivering the certificate.

Upload the image file of the certificate in the Lessons File area of your lesson to allow your users the opportunity to download it.

You can also embed the certificate directly in your lesson text area to add a visual component if you prefer.

  1. Copy the link for the file that you've just uploaded.

  2. Click on the 'Insert/Edit Image' icon in the Lesson Text area where you want to embed the certificate image.

  3. Paste the file link you've just copied in the 'Source' field.

  4. This will populate the image directly in your Lesson Text area.

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