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Needing some inspiration for your 'product complete' email?

Not to worry, we've got you covered.

You can use the suggested email copy provided below to get the ball rolling with your email.

Just make sure to add your own copy in the areas that are highlighted. Where applicable, we've provided the necessary personalization tags specific to ActiveCampaign to populate a contact's specific data (such as email address, for example).

Subject: You did it! 🀩


A little bird just let me know that you finished [product name], and I wanted to reach out with a virtual high five.

You're that much closer to [desired outcome from the product], if you haven't already gotten there!

I've noticed that when people finish [product name], they usually fall into X of Y camps. Read on to see if one of these fits for you too.

CAMP #1:
You took your time, did the work, and completed [product name], but you're still stuck on [typical pain point]. This is usually because [reason this is a sticking point for people].

Here's what I suggest for you. [quick tip that will get them a win]

CAMP #2:
You hustled your way thru the work, and completed [product name], but you didn't really absorb it enough to get the full benefit. You're still not [desired outcome], and you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

I get it. Here's what I suggest for you. [quick tip that will get them a win]

Next steps.

After you take action on my quick win advice above, take a peek at my [recommended product name]. I created this to help support people after they finished [product they just completed], and are ready to [outcome of this second product, that is related to what they'll want after completing that first product].

And since you're someone that does the work, and is ready for results, I want to support that action taking. Here's a discount code to take X% off [recommended product name].

Your Name

PS. If [recommended product] isn't the right fit for you right now, no worries! That discount code won't expire. And you might find that my [another product, preferably either higher touch or lower cost than the product you recommended above] is a better fit. Learn more about that here [LINK].

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