How Do My Users Update Their Billing Details
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If you sell products with recurring payments through your MV Site, it's likely at some point that a user will need to update their billing details.

If they made their purchase through PayPal, they will need to update their preferred payment method directly within their PayPal account.

If they made their purchase using Stripe, then they will be able to update their card details directly through your MV Site.

Your users can access the billing page for their account by clicking on the 'Billing' option under their User Menu:

On the Billing page, they will see a reference to any purchases ever made on your MV Site.

Any active recurring subscriptions or payment plans that were made through Stripe will have an 'update card' link.

When clicked, the link will expand a payment form where the user can add the details for the new card they wish to attach to this subscription/payment plan.

After they enter their new details and click the 'Update Card' button, the new card will be added to their customer profile within your Stripe account and attached to the desired subscription/payment plan as the 'default' payment method.

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