How to Change the Due Date of a Payment Plan
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If you are using payment plans or subscriptions for your products in MemberVault, you may occasionally get requests from your users who wish to adjust the date they are billed.

It is currently not possible to adjust billing dates for recurring payments in either your MV admin dashboard or from directly within Stripe or PayPal. However, if you use a tool like SamCart to manage payments, you can adjust the rebill date from your users' subscriptions under their profile in SamCart.

And if you'd rather not add an additional tool for managing payments, then we recommend following these routes:

  • For payment plans with an end date: Create a custom invoice for your user in Stripe or PayPal for their remaining payment with an adjusted billing date. You'll send this invoice directly from the payment platform, so it will not be logged in your Sales Analytics in MemberVault.

  • For ongoing subscriptions: Have your user create a new subscription by having them sign up again for your product on the date they wish to be re-billed. You can send them the Direct Check-Out link for this.

In both cases it is important to remember to cancel your user's original payment plan or subscription so they are not billed twice for the same account!

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