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What data sources are supported in Mentionlytics ?
What data sources are supported in Mentionlytics ?

A detailed list with the sources you will get results from with Mentionlytics

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Using Mentionlytics Brand Management platform, you will get results from the whole Web & Social Media platforms.

In more detail, Mentionlytics retrieves results from:


  1. News

  2. Public forums

  3. E-shops

  4. Blogs

  5. Directories

  6. ANY other Public Website (that does not require a login to see the data!)
    Note: Technically, if a website is listed on Google, then we can retrieve it

Social Media platforms:

  1. Facebook - posts from public pages (+ anonymized comments) & option to add a public page as owned media to track everything it uploads (+ comments).
    Note: Facebook does not allow tracking of Users' Posts - not even public ones. Also, you need to authorize your Facebook account from Mentionlytics to get this data.

  2. Instagram - public posts from business & public profiles (+ comments) & hashtags
    Note: You need to authorize your Instagram Business profile to get non-anonymized Business Profile data. User Profiles are anonymized. 

  3. YouTube - Videos & comments.

  4. Twitter - Tweets and Retweets.
    Note: Historical data is also available for up to the very beginning of Twitter with extra cost. Talk to us for a quote.

  5. LinkedIn - Authorize your Linkedin business profile to add it as owned media to track everything you upload + comments and stats of your posts (your keywords may also bring some public results that will be listed as Web mentions).

  6. TikTok-The Most Popular Posts that have your keyword as a hashtag.

  7. Google Play - add your Google Play profile to get recent reviews.

  8. Reddit (+ comments).

  9. Google My Business Location

    Mentionlytics utilizes the official APIs of the sources listed above and is fully compliant with their data rules and policies.

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