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If I delete a keyword from the platform/trackers, will all mentions associated with it be permanently deleted?

That's right. If you decide to remove a keyword or tracker from the platform, the system will permanently remove all mentions it had so far. This action cannot be undone, so the deleted mentions cannot be restored.

Is there any way to move mentions from one keyword to another?

This action cannot be performed by a user. You do not have the right to move any mention from one keyword to another. If you need such action please contact our support team.

Can I extend my trial account?

If you feel that you need more time to test Mentionlytics and its features beyond the 14 days of free use, please contact our support team.

What does the number 0 in my dashboard mean?

If you can not see numbers/results in your metrics and charts, it could be for several reasons:

  1. make sure you have clicked on the desired trackers (keywords or/and social profiles)

  2. make sure you have set the right dates (if you are trying to see mentions before the day you started your account, you will probably need to buy historical data, as Mentionyltics only provides data from a few weeks before a keyword is first entered into the dashboard)

  3. make sure you have not applied any filters that block the mentions from appearing

  4. your keywords may need to be optimized (if your subscription includes account management, contact the support team who will help you set up your account properly

Can I schedule a meeting with the team?

You can book a demo or arrange a meeting with the customer success team by simply following this page.

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