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How to Monitor Campaigns with Mentionlytics
How to Monitor Campaigns with Mentionlytics

Basic steps in planning and measuring online campaigns

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Monitoring your online campaigns will help you determine how effective they are and if you have achieved the goals and objectives you initially set for them.

Metrics like Social Reach, Engagement, Share of Voice, and of course, Sentiment analysis are metrics you can easily capture with Mentionlytics and are essential for measuring your campaign.

A successful campaign always starts with good planning!

Planning an online media campaign

Monitoring has to be included in the planning of your campaign from the very beginning.

Here is a recommended plan for a media campaign.

1. Launching the campaign – Add your campaign keywords, e.g a hashtag to your Mentionlytics account at least a week before the launch of your campaign.

2. During the campaign – Make sure you also add your company name or other relevant keywords together with your campaign hashtag, so you can capture the whole conversation around your campaign. Monitor these closely throughout the duration of your campaign. You can set up notifications in Mentionlytics to make sure you will be updated every time a new mention appears.

3. After the end of the campaign – Continue monitoring at least 2 weeks after the end of the campaign to capture any remaining buzz around it or follow-up conversations that have sparked.

What campaign metrics can I get in Mentionlytics?

Top Mentioners & Influencers – Within your Mentionlytics account you can see who are the leaders of the conversation about your brand and campaign.

Media share – If you are running an integrated campaign across many channels you can measure and compare which one performed best.

Social Reach – Shows how many people has your content potentially reached in the different social channels.

Social Engagement – This metric helps you measure the actual total number of likes, shares, comments, video plays, etc from every supported source.

Share of Voice – This metric helps you compare different campaigns. For example you can setup a tracker for a competitors campaign so you can have direct comparison on the performance against yours. You could also compare previous campaigns you run against the current one.

Sentiment Analysis This metric shows you the attitude of users regarding your campaign. You can read the positive and negative mentions containing your keyword or hashtag. It's important to monitor that closely, so incase your campaign backfires for any reason, you can deal with it before it grows. Of course, SIA will make sure to send you an email alert if a sudden surge of mentions happens - so she has your back 🧘

Can I monitor the impact of a campaign after it has ended?

Yes, we can do that. However, this is a manual process for us and it is charged separately upon request. It also takes 2-5 business days to collect your data. This option is available to subscribers of the Advanced, Pro, Agency, and Enterprise plans only. Please ask our team for the historical data options.

What happens if I replace my campaign hashtag/ keyword?

If you need to replace the hashtag in the middle of your campaign or introduce a new keyword to already published content might result in this content not being captured. So they might not be displayed in your results. The reason for this is that even though the hashtag has been replaced and the posts edited, they remain with an old published date. Mentionlytics focuses on bringing only the newest mentions with the most recent dates.

How to present the outcomes of my campaign?

Using the Reporting functionality in Mentionlytics you can present a comprehensive report to your client or the management team. The report contains all the key metrics and examples. Creating such a report is allowing you to back up your campaign outcomes with solid data.

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