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How to edit a Mention Tracker
How to edit a Mention Tracker

A step-by-step guide to help you create, edit or delete Mention Trackers

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As we already have mentioned a Tracker does not count as a keyword. It is like a group to help you organize your keyword(s) and/or social profile(s). So you can create as many trackers as you need, even without adding a keyword!

To create a new tracker:

  • Find the Mention Trackers box (Overview or Mentions report from the left menu) and click on the "add Keyword/Tracker" button

  • Choose the category you need to add your new tracker: Brand Monitoring, Competitors or Industry

Note: the option "add to existing Mention Tracker" is not an option if you need to create a new tracker.

  • Name your new Mention Tracker

  • Now the system will ask you to enter a keyword. If you just need to add the tracker skip the step. If you need to include a keyword follow the steps on how to add a new keyword

  • The system has already scanned for social profiles related to the new of your new tracker, skip also this step to exclude them too. If you need to include them, first make sure they are the desired ones or add the desired ones and follow the steps on how to add a social profile

  • You can set up an email alert for this tracker to be sent to your email. Set the frequency, daily/weekly/monthly, choose the day and time you need to get your first report, include an attachment if desired (infographic, pdf or excel) or choose just text and lastly add any additional email(s) to include to the email alert, if desired. Choose skip to skip this step

  • Choose "create" to create your tracker!

  • Voila!

Tip: You may notice that it is not checked and that is because it does not include any keywords and/or social profiles.

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