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How to connect Trustpilot with Miappi
How to connect Trustpilot with Miappi

The new Miappi for Trustpilot integration support guide

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does a picture combined with a great Trustpilot review equal? A whole lot, we’re betting!

The new Miappi for Trustpilot integration gets the best out of both platforms, allowing our mutual clients to leverage positive sentiment on social media to drive brand new Trustpilot reviews. Amazing, right?!

Specifically, the new integration lets clients use Miappi to ask Instagram content creators to write new Trustpilot reviews based on their experiences.

The completed review goes into the Trustpilot ecosystem as usual while a copy of it also goes into Miappi where it is paired automatically with the image/video first seen on social media.

By pairing authentic images and videos from real customers with relevant reviews, brands can amplify power of positive reviews. Using Miappi, this rich new content can then be published to websites, ecommerce pages, retail store screens and other marketing channels.

Connecting Trustpilot with Miappi

In order to get started with the Miappi for Trustpilot integration, you will first need to obtain a Miappi license. If you already have a Miappi license please follow the instruction below:

1. Log into your Miappi dashboard.

2. Go to the Curate/Feeds page.

3. Connect a new network from the top panel of My Feeds.

4. Select Trustpilot (star on white disc icon) and click connect when the pop-up appears.

5. Sign-in to your Trustpilot account.

6. You’ll see you have a connection to Trustpilot.

7. Add your business domain.

How to invite a customer to create a new Trustpilot review start from a selected user-generated post:

8. Return to the Curate page and review the user-generated content collected from e.g. Instagram.

9. To invite a consumer to create a new Trustpilot review start by hovering over a post.

10. Click on the Engage button (paper aeroplane icon).

11. Choose your business account from the dropdown in the Trustpilot Review field.

12. Create the link, copy the message and share it as a DM in Instagram (using your Company Instagram account).

13. When the consumer clicks the link they are presented with an option to Approve or Decline your (the brand) request to use of the image.

14. Once the consumer Approves they are then invited to create a new Trustpilot review.

15. They can then leave a review as per normal.

16. The review goes into the Trustpilot ecosystem and at the same time a version of it is also returned to Miappi.

17. The new Trustpilot review, paired with the original image from social media, will soon appear on the Curate page. Use the Star icon to filter only by Trustpilot content.

For more useful information, please use the following links below:

About Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the world's most powerful review platform, helping your business collect and manage customer reviews. As the only review platform open to all companies and consumers, yet independent of both, Trustpilot is trusted around the world for its transparency and integrity.

For consumers, Trustpilot is a place to share, discover, connect with and influence great businesses and awesome experiences. For businesses, we help across three pillars:

  • 50M+ online reviews

  • 1.3M+ new reviews per month

  • 245K+ websites reviews

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