1. How do I collaborate?  

To learn how to collaborate please use these two links:
    Learn how to collaborate using a link
    Learn how to collaborate from a post

2. If I have the upgrade to record with longer time, do other people need to have the upgrade to collaborate with my longer videos?

For collaboration we allow users to record longer videos even though they do not have the upgrade, but this will add an Acapella watermark on their video when shared by someone who has not upgraded. 

3. I have the upgrade to record and when I send a collaboration link and they send it back an Acapella watermark is on the video

Please refer to question #2 answer. 

4. If I share a collaboration link and start a new project, will the link still be available?

Once you upload a collaboration link from the share menu, that link is always available after you start a new project so feel free to keep recording

5. Do collaborators need to download the app to be able to collaborate with me?

Yes you can only complete collaborations on the app itself

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