Acapella is a creative platform where you can connect with talented musicians. You can share your videos, watch others and collaborate with anyone from around the world without being the same physical location.

If you are interested in learning about how to navigate the platform, click here to learn about what each button means.

Continue below to learn how to start a recording project.

  1. Click on the Acapella icon

2. Select Record New

3. Select Classic or Premium frames

4. Select the duration of your video. If you do not know, we recommend you select 10 minutes. You can stop the video when you are done recording and trim the video. Learn how to trim here [add link]

5. Tap on a grid to start recording

6. Select the red record button to activate recording session (be sure you are using a wired headphone with microphone when recording)

7. Preview your recording. If you want to keep it, select the green check mark. If you want to redo it, select the red "x"

8. Once you've completed recording in all the grids, select Save & Share

9. To share:

  • Enter your caption

  • Tag a song (optional)

  • Select Public, Private, or Collaboration (use this option if you are sending your project to collaborate. To learn more about collaboration, click here)

  • Select one of the sharing options on the bottom

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