Creating a Top Loan Originator Report

Watch this video to learn how to use one of the key tools in our Top Loan Officer Toolkit.

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We will be focusing on the top Lender Ranking Reports available through the indicated green tile.

To begin, click on the tile to access the report. A window will appear asking you to specify the market or geography you're interested in. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will select the Dallas Metro area. Simply type "Dallas" and choose the Dallas-Fort Worth region from the options provided.

After saving your selection, you will be prompted to pick a specific date range. In this case, we will select last year, but you have the flexibility to choose other options like last quarter, year-to-date, or even set a custom date range.

Once you have set all the parameters, click on the "refresh" button to retrieve the report. It may take a moment for the information to be fetched. As you scroll down the report, you will find the most interesting section—the list of top loan officers in Dallas-Fort Worth for the selected year. The report provides details such as the loan officers' names, NMLS IDs, employing institutions, total production in terms of dollars and units in the U.S., as well as their specific production in the Dallas market. Additionally, the report displays their market share in dollars and loans.

By default, the report is organized based on dollar amounts, which means this column serves as the controlling factor. However, you can switch the view to focus on loans, in which case the column displaying loan volume becomes the controlling column. This adjustment reveals the loan officer who holds the top position in terms of loans. For example, Tina would be ranked number one if the view is based on loans.

If you are interested in contacting a specific loan officer for recruiting purposes, you can click on their name or NMLS ID. By refreshing the report, you can see their individual production specifically in the Dallas market. Should you wish to reach out to them, simply click on the "contact info" button. This will provide you with their contact information.

You can also explore additional features of the report, such as toggling the LMI (low to moderate-income) option to view the production based on loans originated in LMI census tracts. This will reveal the loan officer who leads in LMI loans nationally, along with the number of LMI loans originating specifically in Dallas.

Similarly, you can click on the majority minority census tracks (MMCT) toggle to see the top loan officer in this category. The report will display the number of loans they originated within majority minority census tracts, both nationally and in Dallas.

If you want to see the totals while considering specific factors, you can utilize the breakout category. By selecting "total by LMI," for example, you will be able to view the total loans for a loan officer in Dallas, specifically focusing on low to moderate-income census tracts. This will also provide you with the penetration rate, which indicates the percentage of loans in that category.

That concludes our overview of the LO and Lender Ranking Report.

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