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View top real estate partners in your market.

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Top Real Estate Partner Reports in Mortgage MarketSmart

In this video, we will take a look at the top real estate partners in your market in iEmergent's Mortgage MarketSmart mortgage intelligence platform.

On the Dashboard, click on Real Estate Agent Ranking Report

From there you can select your preferred location by clicking on MSA and entering your location in the empty field below and click Save

Select the Date Range you prefer. To reload the data, click Refresh Data once you have selected the date range.

Once the platform is finished retrieving the data, it’ll display an information of the Market Summary for the selected time period

Just below the Market Summary, You can view the table of information as well as the details for the Real-Estate Agent Rankings.

You will see that the rankings are determined by the listing units, if you would like to rank the rankings based on its Dollar listing. Click on the Dollar option on the upper left.

To take a look at how many loans of these Agents were done in LMI Census Tracts, Click on the LMI toggle.

The same can be done for the Majority-Minority Census Tracts by clicking the MMCT toggle. As a result, you are now filtering the data both according to the LMI and MMCT.

You can further detail the MMCT by choosing your desired option on the Majority Tract Designation. Click on Refresh Data to proceed

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