Creating an MLO Production Report

Create mortgage loan officer (MLO, LO) production reports in Mortgage MarketSmart

Written by Bernard Nossuli
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To begin, go to the dashboard and click on "LO and Lender Ranking Reports."

Next, select your market by typing "Chicago" (as an example) and save your selection.

Then, choose the desired date range, such as "last year," and click on "refresh" to retrieve the information.

You can now scroll down to view the top loan officer rankings in Chicago for the selected time period. To maximize screen space, click on "hide filters."

Each loan officer's information is displayed, including their name, NMLS ID, employer, total production in the US, transactions in the US, and production and transactions in the selected geography.

If you want to explore a specific loan officer further, click on their name. You can refresh the data to see their production details, such as the number of listings in your chosen geography. You can also view property-level transactions and export them if needed.

Additionally, you can click on "contact info" to access the loan officer's contact details, office information, and licensing information.

The loan officers are ranked based on their production in the chosen geography in terms of dollars. However, you can show filters and rank them by loans instead. This will provide a new list of agents with loans as the controlling column.

Moreover, you can use the breakout feature to analyze the production by transaction type (purchase, refinance, equity), loan type (government, conventional), property type (residential, non-residential), and specific census tracts (low to moderate income (LMI) or majority minority (MMCT)).

If you are interested in specific segments, you can use this breakdown category to refine your search. For example, you may want to focus on loan officers who excel in low to moderate income census tracts. By analyzing the percentages, you can identify potential loan officers to collaborate with.

If you are satisfied with the list, you can export it to Excel. Save the file in your preferred location with a suitable name. Once the report is generated, you can click on it to open it in Excel. Enable editing, and you will have access to the loan officer ranking. You can delete any unnecessary columns as needed.

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