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How to Add Real Estate Listings to the Map
How to Add Real Estate Listings to the Map

Watch this video to learn about adding real estate listings to any map and create a rank listed of area real estate agents.

Written by Laird Nossuli
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Watch this video to learn two ways to add real estate data to your map project.

To get started, access your dashboard and click on the first orange tile labeled "Real Estate Listing."

Name the layer "Listings" and specify your desired market by typing "Dallas" (as an example) in the designated field. Select the checkbox for your desired locations and hit save.

Now, the platform will return all the active listings in Dallas (or whatever geographies you indicated). You can zoom in by holding down the shift key and left-clicking the mouse. Each diamond represents a live MLS listing. When you click on it, you'll see details such as:

  • MLS number

  • Street address

  • List price

  • Agent contact information

  • And more

To filter the listings, simply click on the layer name and select "Filter Settings." Here, you can choose to show only the listings that fall within low or moderate-income (LMI) census tracks. Similarly, you can filter the listings based on majority minority census tracts (MMCT). You can easily remove these filters and revert to the original list whenever you want.

In addition to the visual view, you can also view the listings in a spreadsheet format. Click on the down carrot next to the layer name and select "View Data."

This will display the listings, showing you the active residential listings in your selected markets.

You can use the toggles provided to narrow down the view and see only the listings eligible for LMI or MMCT.

To further refine your results, you can apply additional filters. For example, you can filter the listings based on the number of days on the market. Select the "Days on Market" filter, choose "less than or equal to," and specify a time frame, such as 30 days. This will reduce the listing count, showing properties that were listed in the past month.

This approach ensures that you have the most up-to-date and relevant listings in the market. If you prefer to switch back to the visual view, simply click on the map icon. This will overlay the listings on the map, allowing for easy visualization.

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