Preserve and share your family tree with a custom Ancestry Family Tree Poster. Just connect your Ancestry account and choose from three beautiful designs. Your custom poster will be printed on archival-quality photo paper and pairs perfectly with a standard-size frame or a set of our Wood Poster Rails. Display your family's story in your home and enjoy it for years to come!

You can watch the video tutorial below or keep reading for the step-by-step guide to creating your Family Tree Poster on MyCanvas using your Ancestry data.

Poster Types

Before creating your Ancestry Family Tree Poster, please take note of the poster types we offer and the maximum number of generations that can be printed.

Standard Tree

Combination Tree

Descendant Tree

Getting Started!

1. Go to the Ancestry Family History section of the MyCanvas website and select the Ancestry Family Tree Poster tab.

2. Select the poster type and the number of generations you want to show. Then click the blue "Continue" button.

3. Select a family tree, a starting person, and a partner you would like to include in the project. If you are creating a standard poster, selecting a spouse is optional. If creating a combination or Descendant poster, choose the starting person and their spouse. The name card will turn blue when selected. Then click "Preview your creation" in the lower right-hand corner to view your poster!

It will take a few seconds for your data to load, and your poster will open for you to preview and edit.

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