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How to Edit and Reorder a Previous Project
How to Edit and Reorder a Previous Project

A step-by-step guide to creating a copy of an ordered project to continue editing

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Thank you for printing with MyCanvas! Are you looking to customize your ordered project for family and friends? Here's a video tutorial and step-by-step guide on creating a copy of your previously ordered Family History Project, so you can continue editing before reordering.

1. Begin by heading to the Account Orders section under your User Profile or click

"My Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

2. Select "Orders" under your User Profile.

3. Click "Show Detail" next to the project you want to reorder.

4. Locate the project under "Ordered Products," then click "Continue with Creation."

Once you've selected "Continue with Creation," a copied version of your ordered project will automatically open in the editor, where you can begin to make any necessary changes.


Remember to name the updated project in the upper menu bar. Once named, be sure to hit save. Your project will appear under your creations on the Projects page for future use, or you can select "Add to Cart" and order immediately.

We will send the project as you've created it, so please be sure you've checked for typos, correctness, and layout. Once you've double-checked, select the checkbox to agree that you have examined and are happy with your project. Then select "Add to Cart" to move forward.

Select the plus sign in the shopping cart under Quantity if you want multiple copies. Proceed to checkout and provide payment and shipping information to complete your order.

To reorder one or more copies of a previous order without making any changes, please see: How to Reorder a Previously Ordered Project.

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