If this is the first store you are connecting to MyLogiwa, we highly recommend connecting the store with the most complete product catalog. 

If this an additional store we recommend you check and update your product SKU codes so your products can be linked in MyLogiwa. This will prevent any duplicate products being created. Find out more here.  

MyLogiwa makes your business management easy, without starting a conversation on the phone or booking a training session with support team MyLogiwa offers you a self-onboarding process for your sales channels.

Here is a few useful options to manage your sales channel by yourself.

  • Download Products: MyLogiwa automatically downloads new products from your Shopify Store to MyLogiwa.

  • Download Orders: MyLogiwa automatically downloads new shipment orders from your Shopify Store to MyLogiwa.

  • Sync Inventory: The inventory levels in MyLogiwa will automatically update inventory levels in your Shopify store.

  • Send Shipment Info to My Store: Once the order is shipped from MyLogiwa, we send the shipment information directly to your Shopify store.

Download Products & Inventory

Product and inventory is the inevitable pair of sales operations. Inventory tracking for products helps you avoid selling products that have run out of stock or let you know when you need to order or make more of your product.

In the line of that purpose, when you decide to integrate with Shopify via MyLogiwa, we will download your products and inventory levels into our system. 

Download Products

  • While downloading products, we will search for an existing product that has the same SKU on Mylogiwa, and does not create a new product for it. If there is no matching SKU, MyLogiwa'll create a new product. 

  • If your product has no SKU on it, MyLogiwa cannot create it and gives you a warning on the 'Integration History' part of the Analytics page. You can read how to control your download history.

  • When you change the following fields of the product on the store, it is reflected in MyLogiwa. 

 Barcode: It is equal to UPC of the product on MyLogiwa
 Price: It is the sales price of the product
 Title: It is equal to Name and Description fields of the product on MyLogiwa
 Adding Variants: Variant is a different product for MyLogiwa

If you change any field of the product on MyLogiwa, these changes will not affect the product of the store. 

  • When you delete a product or a variant on your Shopify store, MyLogiwa will not delete it.

Download Inventory

While downloading your products we will download their stock quantities as well. When we get your inventory through your Shopify store there will be no update on it via integrations. If you adjust inventory levels through your Shopify store, the adjustment will not reflect MyLogiwa. You can adjust your inventory by MyLogiwa, and MyLogiwa feeds your new inventory levels to your Shopify store.

  • Use channel inventory as the Base Inventory for MyLogiwa

  • If this is the first store you are connecting to MyLogiwa, we'll download your inventory directly to the MyLogiwa. We highly recommend you not to close it to manage sales orders based on inventory. 

MyLogiwa downloads inventory for the product which is marked as 'Track Quantity' on Shopify. If 'Track Quantity' is not selected on Shopify, we'll not download the inventory level of the product. MyLogiwa creates the product without the inventory level. You can learn more about tracking inventory for Shopify store.

  • If this an additional store connection, this selection is pretty important. When you select this option, we will download inventory from Shopify, and update the inventory levels on MyLogiwa. The old inventory level on MyLoigiwa will no longer exist, new stock quantities will be the same as the Shopify store's.

Download Orders

MyLogiwa downloads your every new sale order to help you to operate easily your shipment preparations such as gathering the products, packing them, printing a packing slip and more. 

  • MyLogiwa downloads only 'Paid' orders from Shopify.  Draft, Fulfilled, or Cancelled orders do not download to MyLogiwa.

  • After an order is downloaded to MyLogiwa, if it is canncelled on your Shopify store, MyLogiwa marks the order as Cancelled as well. When an order is marked as 'Cancelled' it is irreversible, you will not be able to take your actions back. 

If you decide to cancel or delete an order on MyLogiwa, we will not send this update to your store.

  • Besides a new order, changes made to an existing order will be reflected during order download. for example, when an order's Shipping Address or Billing Address is changed, you will see the same changes on MyLogiwa. 

Sync Inventory

Inventory is automatically adjusted itself if any new sales order has come, or any quantity changes happen to an inventory. All these re-arrangements occur on MyLogiwa. Because of that, MyLogiwa will update your Amazon inventory levels in real-time. Sync Inventory option works for that purpose.

  • Every inventory adjustment on MyLogiwa will reflects to your Amazon store real-time.

  • If you stop tracking the inventory level of a product on your Shopify store, MyLogiwa will not sync the inventory of the product. 

Send Shipment Info to My Store

When you ship an order on MyLogiwa, this option automatically updates the order on the store as 'Fulfilled'. If there is a tracking number on order, MyLogiwa will update that as well.

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