Images, while not required, can be a helpful visual to attach to your products. Once you add an image to a product, it will appear in places like the Products page, Dashboard, Shipment Order page, and more. You can add images during the product creation or editing process. Read below for an in-depth guide to this process.

Please note that MyLogiwa does not currently host images, so your image will need to have a URL source. This article has a guide to using Dropbox to generate a URL for your image.

Steps to Add Images

Screen Path: Inventory → Products 

You can add images during initial product creation or by editing an existing product. To create a new product, use the Create New Product button. You can learn more about creating a product here. To edit a product, click on the 3 Dots menu and select Edit from the options.

When you start the process, the Create Product/Edit Product sidebar will open. The example below shows the Edit Product sidebar:

The image URL will be pasted into the Product Image field (marked above).

For the image to be added successfully, make sure it meets these criteria:

  • The image being used is a png, jpeg, jpg or gif

  • The URL ends with the image's filename and no additional characters.

  • You are pasting one URL at a time.

A simple way to ensure the image URL is correct is to look for a question mark (?) after the image file name. If one appears there, delete this question mark and all characters after it.


  • Before:

  • After:

If the image URL does not end in an accepted file format, the field will turn red and you will receive an error. You will not be able to click the Add button.

Once you have a working URL, select Add. Your image will be added and a thumbnail will be displayed.

You can add 5 images maximum. If you wish to remove an image, click the Trash icon to the right of the image URL to remove it:

When you're satisfied with your images, select the Next button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. If done successfully, you will receive a confirmation message like the one below:

You can now continue editing/creating.

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