Images are the best descriptive attachments of your product. MyLogiwa keeps them for you. Once you add an image to a product, it can be seen on every screen such as Fulfillment Pipeline, Dashboard, Shipment Order, etc.
There are two ways to add images on a product. While creating or editing a product, you can attach images. 

Choose the Product

To add an image, go to the 'Product' screen. If you want to attach an image of a product, hover over the product you wish to edit, and click the 'Edit' button. You can create a new product as well.

When you start the process, expand the ‘Add an Image’ field:

Check the Image's Url

The image must be uploaded through a URL which ends in png, jpeg, jpg or gif

 A simple way to ensure the image URL is perfect, delete URL characters that come after the defined image type:


If the image URL does not end in png, jpeg, jpg or gif, you will receive the following error:

Add the Image

Select ‘Add’ when you have pasted the image URL. When you are sure that you've added all images click the 'Save'. Don't forget that you can add 5 images maximum. 

If you need to see the whole URL of a product, hover over the image URL:

Delete an Image

You can delete an image of a product, as well. To delete an image, click the ‘trash’ icon to the right of the image URL:

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