Receive a Purchase Order

To receive a pending PO, go to 'Purchase Order' tab by selecting an order (or multiple), and then clicking the ‘Receive Order’ button.

You will then see the status change to ‘Completed’ and a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen. 

Receipt Rules
The order must be in ‘Pending’ status. If you try to receive an order that is in the ‘Cancelled’ or 'Completed' status, you’ll receive the following message:

Receiving an Order

When you receive a purchase order, you cannot 'un-receive' it.

Receipt means that the products which are sent by a vendor have arrived. So, when you receive products, your inventory level tends to increase. You can read how inventory level change effects the other operations

MyLogiwa records the history of receipts. You can control your history by moving 'Receiving History' tab of Purchase Order screen:

Also, you can see a list of your latest receipts on the Dashboard.

What's Next?

You receive your orders, but we highly recommend you check out some scenarios the relation of purchase order and inventory.

Need more info? Watch our Purchase Order demo:

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