In MyLogiwa, there are two different pack types that you can apply and use for your SKUs; UOM Pack Type and Parent Pack Type.

So what is those pack types and what those are means?

UOM Pack Type

UOM is the abbreviation of "unit of measure". Basically, UOM defines how you can buy, count, and sell a specific item. It can be Each, Piece, Pack, Box, etc. In this manner, you can ensure the minimum processable unit for your SKUs.

For example, let's assume our store buys and sells six-pack beer cans. If these six-packs cannot sales as one can, you can use the "Pack" type as your UOM Pack Type.

Parent Pack Type

Parent Pack Type defines the container that has your UOM Pack Types in it. It can be Pack, Box, Pallet, etc.

Parent Pack Type corresponds to a certain amount of UOM Pack Type in it. This amount called as Ratio or UOM Ratio.

For example, let's assume our store sells six-pack beer cans again. But, this time our customers also can buy one can at a time. So, for providing we had two options;

2 different SKUs

If you don't want to disassemble your six-pack cans, you had to define 2 different SKUs to separate this inventory. But, keep in mind, if stock-out occurs for one of them, you're not able to fulfill this order with other pack types.

Parent Pack Type Management

You can also manage this with our Pack Type management. For doing this you need two different pack types;

  1. Can

  2. Pack

Our SKU is a single "Can" and we define a parent pack type with "Pack" which includes 6 "Can" in it. In this example, our UOM Ratio is 6.


The most confusing part of the Pack Type concept is the sellable quantity. Let's examine these examples;

1-Our store sells this pack. What are your UOM Pack Type and Parent Pack Type?

This package, despite contains 15 single-use products, is not a Parent Pack Type. Because you sell these items as each.

Your Parent Pack Type could be a shipping box that you bought from your vendor.

2-Our store sells this pack. What are your UOM Pack Type and Parent Pack Type?

This package contains 28 single-use products and you can sell each of these items. In this case, the customer can buy both a single pack and the box itself. So, your UOM Pack Type is can be "Each" or "Piece". And your Parent Pack Type is "Box" with the 28 UOM Ratio.

What's Next?

Now you've learned what is pack type variations. It's time to learn Product Pack Type Create, Edit, and Delete.

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