Value-Added Services are the activities that occur during inbound, outbound, or support operations. This can cover countless activities;

  • Price ticketing

  • Assembly operations

  • Inserting the marketing materials

  • Gift-wrapping

  • Monogramming on garments

  • Grinding coffee seeds

  • Cutting fabrics

  • Quality controls by an hourly price

Those activities are performed outside the WMS processes, and often required by specific clients.

Most of these operations are based on the customer needs, not the processes themselves. Therefore, these fees cannot be merged into the related process fees.

The VAS operations can be managed by MyLogiwa with ease. MyLogiwa classifies your VAS Operations under the VAS types, which could be any of these given activities without any limitation.

VAS operations are measured by their own units that you want to charge your client with. These units can vary according to your contract details. For example, you can charge your client per process, per processed item, or total labor that your employees spent.

And, by adding the VAS operations to MyLogiwa, these activities can be charged to your clients automatically. To learn how to add VAS operations, please read this article.

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